I can be really negative, but looking at the semester as a whole, I am proud of everything I have accomplished.
  1. I managed to get approximately a 3.2 GPA with all As and Bs, and my cumulative is still above a 3.7.
  2. I repaired a friendship with one of my old friends, and we have gotten pretty close again.
  3. I got the promotion at Michigan's Adventure to be a Merchandise Supervisor.
  4. My boss at my job on campus told be there is a good possibility of me getting the promotion to Team Leader in the Fall.
  5. I became Treasurer of Phi Alpha, which is the Social Work Honors Society.
    To be fair, we only have like 3 people returning, and there were three spots that had to be filled for us to be considered a Registered Student Organization, BUT I'M STILL PROUD OF MYSELF OKAY.
  6. I got help for my depression and anxiety and took huge steps in taking care of myself, both physically and mentally.
  7. And I am proud of myself.
  8. 😊