Add your most memorable Starbucks experiences! This could include misspellings of your name or just a funny story.😊
  1. Today: I was waiting for my vanilla iced coffee when I hear "Venti iced caramel machiatto upside down for (insert generic white boy name here)." And this guy got his coffee and stirred it up and walked away???? Why did he order it upside down???? Am I missing something here????
  2. A couple of months ago: I was waiting in line to place my Starbucks order. There were two girls in front of me. The first one ordered and told them her name; Ashley. Second one did the same, her name? Ashley. Then it was my turn. I ordered and told them my name; Ashley. All the employees were laughing. I'm sure they all thought I was lying.😭
  3. I was sitting with my sister at Starbucks and John Stamos came in. We whisper argued about whether that was actually John Stamos or not and then when he walked by he said "hi ladies" right at us and we were like ....... 🚨😳🚨
    I went and got my picture with him later. Turns out he was with THE BEACH BOYS which explains all the old men. But I only know what The Beach Boys look like when it was 1966 so.... I laugh about it now but it was a total face palm at the time.
    Suggested by @lesleyann
  4. Once I was at the like counter where you put cream and stuff in your coffee and I was talking to my friend saying "Poe is definitely not straight" and some random middle aged man was like "Yes, I agree"
    Suggested by @jessacosta