I feel like list is weird now and I said I'd leave but idk I love complaining on here tbh anyways im gonna reintroduce myself bc I think there's new people on here???? somewhere???? idk
  1. i cry all the time
    sometimes bc im happy, other times bc im sad
  2. i laugh at my own jokes
    like, really hard
  3. i usually have a headache
    that's life i guess
  4. i get good grades
    really good if you take into account that i do assignments like an hour before they're due
  5. i get really bitter at people who only talk to me if they need something
    or if they come back with something i said by saying they had it worse
  6. im a social work and psychology major
  7. im president of phi alpha
    here's the old president and me doing shots in chicago
  8. i used to be really fat and really happy
    now im a lil fat and kinda sad 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. i sleep like 15 hours a day
    wtf @ my body
  10. i threaten to cancel @bisexual and i's lease all the time
  11. im a bird mom
    there's another one too but she hates me
  12. i sleep with two comforters
    HIGHLY recommend
  13. i have three lobe piercings
    the third one was a buzzed decision that actually turned out nice
  14. im literally just so boring
    like i applaud you if u made it this far
  15. i like drinking
    in a fun way not in a you-need-to-be-worried kinda way
  16. i like cats
    my dumb baby
  17. i held a bunny today
    it was very soft
  18. i look different in each pic i posted
    oh well
  19. ill probably continue this list sometime
    or not idk im not a psychic
  20. today at Wendy's with @bisexual the cashier asked "for here or to go?" and i said yes
    im a mess
  21. I pretend to be artsy sometimes
    lol @ my cellphone "photography"
  22. here's a pic of baby me cry-drinking
    i still do this
  23. be nice to me
    im sensitive ok if u raise ur voice at me there's a 100% chance I'll cry like a lot
  24. im a lil gay
    pansexual to be more specific ALSO idk when this list will end this is fun to make
  25. i used to be super self-conscious about my smile and dimples but here I am EMBRACING BOTH
    why do I have such a baby face tho
  26. i took a playwriting class and all my plays are too sad for me to read
    literally crying over one rn
  27. i hella procrastinate
    im supposed to have this clean and packed up IN AN HOUR
  28. i have more cats than I do friends
    in case ur wondering, that's 4. 4 cats
  29. some my family thinks that im literally the spawn of satan
    and that my mom is a failure bc im liberal😬
  30. I'm super paranoid that everyone hates me
    and that people are all part of some elaborate scheme to pretend to be my friend but then all joke about me when I'm not around im dumb lol
  31. I just deactivated facebook because i was scared everyone thought I was being annoying on there and i thought every bad post was @ me idk I didn't like it so BYE CYA FB
    im v emotional today ok
  32. i touched a horse today
    his likes are grass, corn, hay, and salt blocks. his dislikes are when i feed the other horses those things
  33. my bro and i look a lot alike
    also he is 13 and is as tall as me
  34. carly and i met a goat the other day
    it likes to eat hair
  35. i bought a 6 pack of wine yesterday
  36. im impulsive af
    @bisexual said "lets dye your hair" now my hair is blue