inspired by the first time i had a panic attack
  1. do NOT touch the person unless they have told you that it helps
    for me, touching helps. plenty of people cannot stand it, though. make sure you know it's okay before you touch someone while they're having an attack. it might make things worse.
  2. don't threaten the person with anything
    during my first panic attack I was at a band competition and one of the band parents told me if i didn't stop hyperventilating, they'd take me to the hospital and tell my parents. needless to say, that did the opposite of helping me.
  3. don't tell the person to "calm down"
    literally can't? im not panicking because it's fun lmao if u tell me to calm down i reserve the right to chew you out
  4. don't tell them they shouldn't be freaking out
    Suggested by @Boogie