Inspired by everyone else who did this.
  1. Take 1-3 naps a day.
    In addition to sleeping for approx. 8 hours a night. Am I dying???? Who knows!!??!!??!?!? Still gonna nap all the time tho.
  2. Treat yourself. Daily.
    I went to class???? I deserve Starbucks. I woke up on time???? I deserve candy. I didn't have an emotional breakdown???? I deserve a nap. I had an emotional breakdown???????????? I still deserve a nap.
  3. Joke about things that actually makes you lowkey sad/upset/stressed out??????
    I'm not good at handling things that bother me, so I usually just joke around about them and act like it doesn't bother me????? I'm a disaster
  4. Wear the same jacket and boots every day.
    Bonus points if someone points it out. Super bonus points if either of those items are visibly dirty but you wear them anyways.
  5. Cry when you laugh too hard.
    Bonus points if you get a headache from doing that.