1. asking for constant reminders that people don't hate me
    I'm lowkey paranoid everyone hates me and I constantly think about what if everyone only talks to me as a part of a very widespread, elaborate joke? i know that's v unlikely but WHAT IF
  2. sleeping so much
    I joke around about this a lot but I'm actually v stressed about things and sleeping is an unhealthy coping mechanism because I never have time to actually do what I need to do
  3. getting offended when someone doesn't want to talk to me 24/7
  4. charging my phone so much
    rip my phone's battery
  5. skipping class
    when I get stressed I sleep through class which makes me even more stressed and it's a stupid endless cycle
  6. pushing people away when im sad
    I'm getting better at this, but when I feel really depressed, I tend to push people away, which I realize is unhealthy and counterproductive, but I still do it