1. Feeling like I don't fit in
    I constantly feel like I don't fit in at all and I want to fit in but I don't want to seem fake and idk I'm just a mess
  2. Everyone is pretending to like me
    I realize that this seems irrational and people probably aren't pretending to like me but what if they are?????
  3. People think I'm really annoying or mean or stupid or........
    I want to be liked and I irrationally think that absolutely everyone I talk to secretly doesn't like me and I realize it's stupid to think that and UGHHHHHHHH
  4. I know I'm being irrational
  5. But what if I'm not?
  6. And all of these thoughts are actually true?
  7. And people really don't like me?
  8. I don't know????
  9. I'm a mess????
  10. ???????????