1. After only two years of having my first car, I have to say goodbye to my '02 Monte Carlo.
    This was when I first got my car (my mom bought it for me from my uncle.)
  2. A couple of months ago, I got rear-ended. My insurance decided to total the car.
  3. My car is still drivable (luckily!), but since I did receive money from getting the car totaled (even after buying it back from my insurance) and I had some money saved up, I decided I would look into getting a new car.
    "New" meaning "new to me."😅
  4. And here is what I found! A 2007 Pontiac G5. I brought my grandpa with me (since I am not experienced with cars in any way, shape, or form.)
  5. The couple that is selling it to me was really nice, and took great care of the car. I was in love with it! We test drove it and my Papa approved of it, so I put a deposit on the car, and I will be getting it on Friday!
  6. Some things this car has that my car doesn't: 4 doors, AC and Heat with a working fan, and very low miles.
    I got this car for a great deal! I don't have power locks or power windows, but that just means there are fewer electronic parts that could fail/get damaged. There's some rust on the drivers side door, but that's hard to avoid in Michigan.🙈
  7. I'm really excited because I'm (mostly) paying for everything myself. This is the most adult thing I have ever done!