1. Office supplies!
    Especially pens and pencils. I have a bad habit of losing them. I'd feel really bad if I lost something someone else got me, so I probably wouldn't lost them.😂
  2. Tea/coffee
    I love tea and coffee I drink it all the time
  3. Anything homemade
    Decorations, recipes, anything you can think of! My room is pretty bare so if you wanted to send me a picture of your pet or anything simple like that, it would mean the world to me☺️
  4. A handwritten note
    I love receiving mail and handwritten notes are so personal I will definitely cry if I read it
  5. Anything you want to send
    No matter what you send I'll love it! I'm not picky at all and no matter what I get I'm guaranteed to cry when I open it because I'll love it and you so much I promise