1. please take out your earbuds when you come up to the counter
  2. also, please end your phone call
  3. you can hand me your form of payment directly, not just throw it on the counter
  4. when i greet you and talk to you about the transaction, you can respond instead of just staring at me
  5. it's not my fault if your card gets denied
  6. it's not my fault if we run out of something
  7. it's not my fault that I can't break your big bills first thing in the morning (or at all, really)
  8. i can only help one person at a time
  9. this is not the time to flirt with me or ask for my number
  10. if im stuck behind the counter, there's a pretty good chance that I have no control over anything
  11. i can't give you a discount
  12. i don't know why things are priced the way they are
  13. i can't accept expired coupons
  14. please don't change your mind about what you want after you already paid
  15. or let me run the credit card through and then you change your mind about how to pay
  16. yes, I can call my manager. but it's not my fault if they're not close by and it takes them awhile to get here
  17. despite popular belief, yelling at me will not make anything better
  18. yes, im old enough to work here.
  19. no, i don't know why you or your friend/family member didn't get an interview
  20. yes, I probably know more about things in the store than you. please don't argue with me about the store policies