1. It's 9am, people are still sleeping which must mean everyone is trying to get out of cleaning BETTER VACUUM THE WHOLE HOUSE
  2. Everyone is watching TV which must be them trying to avoid doing the dishes better put them away REALLY LOUDLY SO THEY CAN ALL HEAR
    bonus points if you offer to help and she says something like "well I'm almost done now sooooo"
  3. The trash is full, so instead of asking someone to take it out, take out the full bag, tie it up, and put it in front of the front door.
  4. Post it notes. Post it notes EVERYWHERE
  5. It's 9:15 and she's done vacuuming. Everyone is still sleeping so SING REALLY LOUD AND PUT AWAY ALL OF THE DISHES!
    Bang the cupboards! Dump the silverware! Dishes make lots of noise!!
    Suggested by @whirledpeas
  6. When you aren't getting the attention you want SIGH REALLY LOUDLY until someone finally asks
    Then say "Nothing! I'm fiiine!"
    Suggested by @whirledpeas
  7. Text a question. 5 minutes later text again. 5 minutes later send it through Facebook. 20 minutes after that CALL AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL letting me know "Just disregard all of that because I found out by MYSELF because CLEARLY YOU'RE AVOIDING ME"
    When you get out of your meeting (because hey, you're a college administrator and you have those) - text her back. "Ok."
    Suggested by @whirledpeas
  8. Text a baited, fake disclaimer about wanting to make plans and then wait 2 days for ME to make them
    BTW they've cooked 1x for us since moving here in Oct, and it was Christmas dinner, but I've made dinner for them every-other-week. Tell me again how exhausted you are.
    Suggested by @whirledpeas