Requested by Brett 7

My Acceptable Celebrity DoppelgÄnger List

feel free to suggest stuff bc i don't know like any celebs lol
  1. Here's a pic of me
  2. Ellen Page
    someone told me i looked like her and i cried a lot bc i love her so much
  3. Miranda Cosgrove
    we don't really look alike but she is so fckin cute and i love her
  4. Kristen Stewart
    im sorry i am just picking hot girls with brown hair im so bad at actually finding someone that looks like me
  5. Bryce Dallas Howard
    I'm like 80% sure she is your true doppelgänger!
    Suggested by   @josie
  6. Jessie Buckley
    From War and Peace. That's who I thought the actual picture of you was!
    Suggested by   @TVAddict
  7. Julie Andrews
    when she was young
    Suggested by   @americanmum