1. she said it may benefit me as my PCP may not fully understand or recognize my mental health concerns
  2. psychologists are expensive
    and my insurance keeps changing so idk what it even covers anymore
  3. i just know that i have felt extremely depressed and i feel as though I don't have access to the care I need
  4. i might make an appointment with my doctor, but when I last mentioned my mental health concerns, she attributed it to my migraine medicine
  5. she said she will take me off of it if it's causing an issue
  6. and i know it's not the medicine doing this
  7. i don't want to be taken off a medicine that works for my headaches
  8. idk
  9. it's a mess and im sad and lonely and just want to scream or sleep but instead i have to stay up all night to write a paper
  10. 😔