My Evolution of Style

Inspired by @bisexual
  1. 0-10
    These cute lil outfits. I wore rompers BEFORE it was cool.😜
  2. 10-12
    I found this photo and wept for 11 yr. old Ashley bc why did I look like that??? basically I dressed like an annoying lil nerd bc that's what I was
  3. 13
    Tshirts with stupid quotes and old jeans 🙈 PS that shirt says "If I got smart with boys, how would they know?"
  4. 14-16
    emo phase oh lord help me
  5. 14-16 cont.
    im gonna cry who let me wear this
  6. 14-16 again
    emo santa??? im sorry
  7. 16
    "girlier" clothes 💁
  8. 16-17
    i used to be so tiny holy moly also im still in love with that shirt but I cant find it 😭
  9. 17-18
    girly af and also cute af
  10. 18
    chopped all of my hair off and still cute 💁
  11. 19 (now)
    short hair pt.2 and loving myself 😘💁💖