1. is real and valid.
    "pansexuality doesn't exist! you either like boys or girls!!!" 🖕🏻
  2. is not solely defined based on who I am currently dating.
    "you're dating a boy, you can't like girls too!" you obviously don't understand sexuality lmao
  3. is important to me.
    when you invalidate my sexuality by saying "well that doesn't matter to me! i don't see that!" all im hearing is that this big part of who I am and how ive been changed through coming out and all of the experiences ive had don't matter to you. the first real relationship I had with a girl ended because her parents found out and wouldn't let her speak to me again. i got bullied in high school, boys often making sexual remarks about me being with a girl. that should matter to you. it matters to me
  4. matters.
    if i matter to you, my sexuality and all the experiences that come with it should matter to you as well