1. my grades this semester aren't that great
    but, i didn't fail any classes and i still have a high cumulative gpa that keeps me in the social work program and in Phi Alpha
  2. ive lost a lot of friends over the last few years
    but ive also made some great friends and realized some of the people that were my friends were toxic and i needed them to be out of my life
  3. im not everyone's first choice
    but that's okay, im still loved
  4. ive gained too much weight and im starting to get stretch marks
    but, im at a healthier weight than i was three years ago. TW: E.D. ive gained 35 pounds, which is a lot, but I kept myself underweight through restrictive eating and purging. im healthier than i was then. i still want to lose weight, but i am trying to do so in a healthy way
  5. im still getting panic attacks
    but the frequency of them is decreasing
  6. i am still struggling with depression
    but i am getting better
  7. im not doing the best at this current moment of my life
    but im not doing the worst, either
  8. things in general have been shitty lately
    but, they will get better and so will i