not meant to shame big boobs! all boobs are perfect! just loving my small boobs rn
  1. braless days like every day
    am i wearing a bra? or a bralette? no bra at all? the world may never know. jk im gonna tell everyone rn im not wearing a bra and i feel so free
  2. less back pain
    for obvious reasons
  3. cute bra options
    from what I hear from my bigger boobed friends, there aren't very cute bra options in all sizes and I apologize i wish you could get the patterns and colors you like not just plain underwires
  4. if you're like me and you're not curvy whatsoever, being able to buy the same size swimsuit tops and bottoms!!!!!
  5. You don't have to hold them when you run
    Suggested by @drugs
  6. You can wear a plunging neckline and nothing will fall out
    Suggested by @drugs
  7. No underboob sweat
    Suggested by @drugs
  8. No boob related back issues
    Suggested by @drugs