1. so I don't normally post really personal lists
  2. but im really sad right now and I feel more comfortable venting to you all rather than most people
  3. last night i found out my aunt died
    she was married to my mom's brother and they broke up because he cheated on her. so technically, she wasn't related to us but i haven't seen her in a few years and i kind of feel guilty about it
  4. ive been having a hard time sleeping because ive been getting nightmares every night
    i normally don't get nightmares, but I've been getting them a lot lately and it makes it hard for me to go to sleep at night
  5. which makes me exhausted during the day
  6. and idk
  7. im just having a hard time right niw
  8. im usually pretty good with coping with my emotions
  9. but ive been feeling so sad lately
  10. I mean, normally I'm okay
  11. but it's like one little thing will happen and it'll make me want to stay in bed all day and avoid everyone
  12. idk