1. hey y'all
  2. ive had a fairly shitty day and i just want to get some stuff off my chest
  3. first off, I found out my grandma's twin sister, whom I was fairly close to, died last night
  4. ive never experienced death of someone I was close with like that, so to say the least, im devastated
    i can't even imagine what my grandma is going through right now, they were best friends, they talked every day
  5. i also found out today that my mom doesn't want my brother to see her ex anymore, even though he lived with us for more than 5 years and is a significant part of our lives, and that makes me feel really sad
    my brother is only 13 he shouldn't have to deal with this
  6. idk its just been a hard day for me and I could use any good thoughts/prayers/etc right now