1. You constantly complain about being in it.
    Because if you want to be with someone but they only want to be friends with you, then they are suddenly a "bitch." PS. No one owes you anything for being nice to them. And if you're only being nice to someone because you want to be with them, and you stop being nice when you are "friendzoned," you are the problem.
  2. A person doesn't want to be with you.
    Believe it or not, humans aren't complex puzzles that you can manipulate until you get the outcome you desire. No amount of "I love you's," kind gestures, and material objects will change a persons' level of attraction towards you. And if you keep trying to change their attraction to you, despite their constant opposition, you're the problem.
  3. You still use the term "friendzoned."
    Is this middle school? Does it make you feel better if we say "friendzoned" instead of rejected or uninterested? Probably, since being "friendzoned" is never your fault. It's easy to put the blame on someone else. Writing off rejection as "Oh, well they just put me in the friendzone, woe is me!!!" And everything like that shows you don't truly care about the other person enough to validate their feelings. Which, again, makes you the problem.