1. A lot of people on my Facebook have been sharing this picture.
    (PS, the full top line says "It's getting warm outside, please"
  2. And I've seen several posts like this, like people saying "it's not that hard to put on deodorant!" or "people don't know how to take care of themselves!" and otherwise mocking people who may not be wearing enough deodorant, or any at all.
    People turn it into a joke.
  3. But, isn't there a possibility that the person you're mocking is poor, and maybe can't afford good deodorant?
  4. Or they can't shower everyday?
  5. No one likes smelling bad (that I'm aware of,) so I highly doubt people are purposely putting themselves in a position where they smell bad.
  6. It's basically an open invitation for people to make fun of that person, which isn't cool.
  7. Are there some people who just don't take care of themselves? Yeah, probably.
  8. But, that doesn't mean you should make fun of them, either.
  9. If you've ever been severely depressed, you may be able to relate when I say that simple things like showering are very, very hard to do when you're feeling depressed.
  10. No matter the reason, we should stop making fun of people for something they may have no control over.