1. when I went to orientation at the college I wanted to attend, I was really excited!
  2. my mom, step-dad, and i toured the school and I was in love
  3. we went to the bookstore to get some CMU gear
  4. the front counters had only one thing: pepper spray/mace
  5. and i see tons of families with their teenage daughters, buying sweatshirts and school supplies
  6. and almost all of them were getting pepper spray as well
  7. and my heart just kinda sank
  8. because moving away from home is a big event
  9. and it's exciting
  10. and I absolutely love my school
  11. but it makes me so sad seeing that the first thing that these girls had to do was to purchase pepper spray
  12. now, im not saying that I regret spending money on something that'll give me some peace of mind
  13. it's just so shitty that this has become a part of many college-students' rituals
    especially females
  14. and it's even shittier that one in five of those women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime
  15. and transgender, genderqueer, agender, and non conforming people are at an even higher risk of sexual assault
  16. additionally, more than half of all reported sexual assaults occur between the ages of 18-34
  17. we should be able to have a fun, carefree college experience without worrying about the risk of being assaulted and having to prepare for the worst
  18. it's just not fair