Summer: An Update

  1. i am working two jobs
  2. one is michigans adventure
  3. the other is at a barn
    this is my fav horse
  4. also im taking psychological stats online as an 8 week course because i was told i have to otherwise i wont graduate on time
    im super bitter about this because i dont get financial aid in the summer SO i gotta pay $1215 out of pocket for it 🙃 but heres a pic of ginger boy interrupting my homework
  5. went to two concerts, here is misterwives
  6. and bledfest
    la dispute!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. heres a cute pic of @bisexual and i at the misterwives concert
  8. my mental health has been p good
  9. same with my physical health
  10. also i drank a fishbowl full of alcohol with @lubbe1ja
  11. stay tuned for more maybe