Inspired by @bisexual
  1. take care of myself
    physically and emotionally
  2. reach out to old friends, but don't get upset if things don't work out
  3. teach myself how to play saxophone
    i bought a saxophone last week and i want to learn how to play it
  4. break ties with toxic people
  5. save lots of money
    60+ hours of work a week =$$$$
  6. tell people when they have hurt my feelings in some way
  7. learn to accept compliments
  8. try to maintain close relationships
    as of lately, ive felt very disconnected from people. when this happens, I tend to push people away, making the feelings of disconnection worse
  9. learn to laugh at myself
    when I say something stupid and someone points it out, usually I'll just shut down and feel bad about myself for awhile. i need to learn that people aren't doing that to intentionally hurt me
  10. not get offended when someone doesn't want to hang out with me
    my automatic assumption is that they don't like me, and I realize that's problematic and not necessarily true.
  11. learn how to do things on my own
    im a very dependent person and attach myself to others very quickly and easily. when people don't do the same back, I feel bad, but I realize that it doesn't necessarily mean they don't like me
  12. be happy
    that sounds so cheesy and cliche but I want to learn to put my happiness first. I shouldn't have to compromise my happiness to make others happy