1. Thinking I'm cute
    It's not conceited, it isn't self absorbed. Sometimes I feel cute and that shouldn't be considered a bad thing
  2. Not letting toxic people stay in my life
    I deserve to be happy and if someone is ruining that for me, I shouldn't be forced to keep them in my life
  3. Laughing at my own jokes
    I think I'm funny tbh
  4. Eating a pint of ice cream in one sitting
    Sometimes you gotta treat yourself
  5. Standing up for myself
    It's not be being a bitch. If you say something bad about me, I will call you out. And don't respond with something like "I was just kidding" or "Don't be so sensitive." How about you try not being an asshole.😊
  6. My weight
    I'm fat and I'm cute and I'm happy and idgaf if you're offended by that.
    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  7. Having feelings or opinions, and vocalising them
    Specifically ones you may disagree with. I will not apologise. I also will not allow you to fight me on them like you might be able to change my mind. You don't get to decide how I feel or think.
    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  8. Being forward/upfront/blunt
    Sorry I'm not sorry I say what I mean. On that note, how the hell does one 'sugarcoat'?
    Suggested by @ijeoma
  9. Bingeing on chocolate
    Suggested by @hannah_rachel
  10. Being a nerd!
    I'm weird, I'm eccentric, I know it... And I love this about myself!
    Suggested by @teamgivan