I don't usually post stuff like this to social media, but with our 1 year anniversary being less than a week away, I wanted to share how much I appreciate my boyfriend. I love you Jake. Happy (almost) one year. 😍
  1. Randomly does cute things for me.
    For example, I had a really bad day at work, so when I got home, Jake surprised me with sour patch kids and some flowers. 💗
  2. When I go somewhere and forget to text back for awhile, he texts me and checks in to make sure I'm okay.
    Sometimes I will head back to school (a two hour long drive), and if I forget to text him, he will text me asking if I am okay. I know it's simple, but it is one of those little things that really shows how much he cares and I really appreciate it.❤️
  3. He will always try to make me feel better
    I get migraines and tension headaches pretty often. Just this past weekend, I got a migraine and felt horrible. I went to bed, and Jake lied down next to me, holding me and massaging my head/temples. I've never had a partner do something like that before and it is really sweet.
  4. Talks me through panic attacks
    This is a little more personal. I'm on Zoloft for headache prevention. One of the side effects I've noticed is anxiety, which gets particularly bad at night. I don't get full blown panic attacks too often, but when I get them and Jake is with me, he holds me and helps me through them. It means so much to me that he will actually try to help me. I really appreciate it.💗💗💗
  5. These are just a few things that Jake does that really makes me happy. I appreciate him so much and I am really happy with him. I am so lucky.🍀😍❤️