1. Okay so don't get me wrong, I used to be really bothered by spelling/grammatical errors.
  2. I used to be the jerk who would correct people when they use the wrong form of your/you're, there/their/they're, etc.
  3. But I was talking to my grandpa and he brought up a really good point:
  4. "If the point of language is to communicate, and you are capable of understanding what someone is trying to communicate, what's the point of pointing out correct/incorrect grammar?"
  5. And that's so true.
  6. Like, when someone types a sentence like "let's go over their."
  7. I know what they mean.
  8. And I know what they are trying to say.
  9. So their method of communication is no less valid than mine.
  10. I know what it means when someone says "I seen that."
  11. Or "I'm going to lay down."
  12. So why correct them?
  13. Like, I understand it looks more "professional" or whatever to use correct grammar in a formal essay or a resume,
  14. But as my grandpa told me,
  15. Someone could be way more qualified for a job, but isn't the best speller.
  16. Idk.