1. oh god pls don't notice how shaky I am
  2. look like you're taking notes and not just staring at ur notebook
  3. i promise im not crying its allergies
  4. shit, what did the professor just say?
  5. oh god she is looking right at me
  6. maybe i should leave
  7. wait no leaving will cause a scene
  8. everyone is looking at me
  9. ok at least look at the movie and pretend you're paying attention
  10. where is my anti anxiety meds
  11. am I having a heart attack
  12. my prof thinks I'm a bad student
  13. i should've skipped
  14. i swear this class lasts forever
  15. thank god class is over
  16. what did we learn though?
  17. i hope none of this is on the exam