1. are important
  2. are not just for "weak" people
  3. it is so easy to label something as triggering
  4. some common things that if you talk about it, you should label with a trigger warning are things like....(tw)
  5. sexual assault
  6. self-harm
  7. disordered eating
  8. suicide
  9. please please PLEASE be courteous of that
  10. like, I just went on Facebook and someone posted a LOT of triggering posts
  11. and while mental health wise, I'm in pretty good shape, some of the posts really got to me
  12. please be courteous of people who may be in recovery/ are still struggling with these problems
  13. I stopped using Tumblr awhile ago because of stuff like this
  14. if you post something that may trigger someone else, be sure to label it
  15. thank you
  16. I love you all💕💕💕