1. trigger warning maybe???: self harm
  2. "attention seeking" isn't necessarily a bad thing?
  3. or like, that could be a symptom of a disorder???
  4. like, someone with depression may come off as "attention seeking" if they talk about their disorder
  5. or a person who self harms in a visible spot might be considered "attention-seeking"
  6. but like, it's not necessarily bad to seek attention of others
  7. the way my professor explained it, attention-seeking behaviors that are done through things like self-harm are still problematic and are still abnormal
  8. and they needed to be treated, just like other disorders
  9. also, people tend to seek social support
  10. and that may come off as "attention-seeking"
  11. but like, it's normal to want that support?
  12. and being a shitty person towards someone who you think is doing things for attention is pretty much the worst thing you could do to them???
  13. when I was in high school, I struggled a lot with self harm,
  14. i would hurt myself in places that were visible to others
  15. and like, i didn't do it for attention necessarily?
  16. like, I wanted someone to know I was struggling
  17. i think it was kind of a way to reach out and seek for help?
  18. and that shouldn't be so stigmatized
  19. we should reach out to these people
  20. not outcast them because you don't think their struggles are real or valid