Why You Should Be My Friend

  1. You will get lots of pictures of my cats
  2. If I'm hungry, I'll buy food for myself and also probably you
    one time I bought sushi for my boyfriend and I just because I wanted sushi and didn't want to go alone
  3. I send my friends pictures of things I think are hilarious
    I love Christopher Meloni and I died when I saw this
  4. If you're sad I'll give you chocolate and I'll hug you if you like being hugged
  5. I listen to top 40s hits all the time and will sing them to yoy
  6. I will serenade you with my $3 melodica
    I bought it from target and I only know how to play the alma matter at CMU
  7. @bisexual doesn't hate me so I must be okay
  8. also im cute bye