Happy 2016!
  1. PREP
  2. Clean area(s) and equipment for brewing
  3. Check inventory of kit if you're using one
    I'm making St. Paul Porter extract kit from Northern Brewer
  4. Read through recipe
  5. Read through recipe again
    Not kidding. Make notes on recipe as needed
  6. Start sanitizing if you want
    Some people will do this while cooling your wort but I start early.
  7. Heat up any liquid malt extract
    NOTE: burner is not on! I just pour hot water over container and it's easier to get all LME out later.
  8. Set up brew space
    Get any beverage, snack, reading material, you think you'll want. It's just easier
  9. Dress appropriately
    In my case warm old clothes. It's about 40 degrees in my garage and getting dark soon
  11. Fill 3 gallon pot with 2.5 gallons water
  12. Steep specialty grains for 20min or until temp reaches 170
    Grains are 0.5 lbs English chocolate malt and 0.5 lbs English dark crystal
  13. 15 min into steep and 116 degrees
  14. Remove grain and drain
    This can take forever so I usually set up a pot and let it drain for awhile. You can add any liquid back to wort later
  15. Bring to boil
  16. Remove from heat 1 lb dark dry malt extract
  17. Also add 6 lbs dark liquid malt extract
    Stir while pouring to help prevent the LME from burning on the bottom of the pot
  18. Return to heat source an bring back to boil
    Beware boil overs! Each additive will change your boiling point and you could end up with a hot mess if not careful
  19. Add 2 oz of Cluster hops
  20. Boil for 59 min
  21. Add 1 oz Cascade
  22. Boil for 1 more minute
  23. Remove from heat and reduce temperature quickly to 100 degrees or less
  24. Transfer to primary fermenter and add enough water for total volume of 5 gallons
  25. Pitch yeast
  26. Seal up primary fermenter and cover with dark shirt
  27. 1-2 wks in primary
  28. 2-4 wks in secondary
  29. The bottling and hopefully a decent homebrew
  30. Cheers! 🍻