1. I didn't have to work
    Lots of extra shifts lately. I'm sleep deprived and cranky
  2. I finished a book
    Graphic novel but I already had the next volume and it's due back to library soon
  3. A book I had on hold at the library came up
    I 💗 my library
  4. I forgot how huge the portions are at my favorite Thai place
    It's been waaaaaay to long since I've ordered. And I have at least 3 more meals now
  5. Air smelled like fall
    It's been way too warm here for November 🍂🍁
  6. Had my first Christmas Ale of the season
    Bell's 🍻
  7. I avoided the football game
    I live in big college town and hate football season. It is all they talk about at work
  8. Did I mention I didn't have to work?