I'm still very new to audible but the narrator has made a huge impact on how much I enjoy the audiobook
  1. Edward Herrmann (I'm a Gilmore Girls fan)
    I'm thoroughly enjoying The Bully Pulpit. It looks like he read almost all non-fiction but I'm so exciting to find more!
  2. Wil Wheaton
    Reads mostly sci-fi but Lock In was fun and I will probably continue down this rabbit hole 😬
  3. Comedians reading their own work
  4. @CherylStrayed reading Tiny Beautiful Things
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  5. Eva Wilhelm
    My fabulous acting teacher.
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  6. Jim Dale
    He narrates the US Harry Potter series, and was the narrator in Pushing Daisies. He's amazing.
    Suggested by @jenward
  7. James Marsters
    He narrates the Dresden Files series and really brings it to life. He was also great in the audible production of The Importance of Being Ernest.
    Suggested by @junerain
  8. Christina Haag
    She reads her own memoir, Come to the Edge, which is a gorgeous book. She's an accomplished actress.
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  9. Jeremy Irons
    Reading Brideshead Revisited. Amazing.
    Suggested by @katya
  10. Julia Whelan
    I have listened to a couple narrations by her and have enjoyed them more than others.
    Suggested by @NeenieBeanie615