1. Family time
    It's much easier for me to get time off in November vs December at the hospital. Christmas is usually celebrated in January...
  2. Family drinking
    My mom is a light weight and I only talk her into drinking a few times a year
  3. Stuffing aka dressing
    My mom make the best stuffing
  4. Cheesy carrots
    Another side dish my mom only makes for holidays
  5. Really all of the food
    My parents really like to eat out but my mom is an excellent cook! My brother is also great baker. I usually contribute booze and clean up
  6. Leftovers!
  7. Holiday drinks
    Dark beers, winter whites, spiced cider, wine and apple pie liquor
  8. The first snow ❄️
    My family lives in Michigan - this is inevitable
  9. College basketball finally starts
    And I'm talking the real games not the bullshit exposition games against division II teams