1. Who is Dave
    Dave is one of my fellow pharmacists at the hospital. He's in his mid to late 50s, Republican, active church member. I just worked several slow third shifts with him
  2. I call him grandpa
    This is a term of endearment! Mostly bc he will go on about how much meds have changed, his knee replacements (he's on round 2 for both knees), and he went gray early. But I also know he will have my back if I get slammed or some weird cardio case happens
  3. He is gun owner
    He takes time off every year at deer season. He's much less cranky after he's bagged several deer. He has his concealed weapons permit which in my state means taking a live course in safety and witnesses time at firing range
  4. He's a veteran
  5. I did NOT bring up this topic
    Bc I really like Dave and figured we would disagree
  7. He doesn't know why civilians can purchase assault rifles
  8. He doesn't agree with gun show loop hole
    He even brought up that there used to be a local "gun trade" where people swapped guns no questions asked. I didn't know that ever existed!
  9. He is concerned about the increasing mass shooting
    And there was no mention about terrorists! Or people "off their meds."
  10. California has some of the strictest laws
    And yet some of the guns purchases for the San Bernardino were purchased legally.
  11. So who is against gun control at this point?
    I just don't understand anymore. I'm tired of these news stories and I'm terrified that I will see the aftermath of a mass shooting during my career.