Sorry this took so so long @Fitz! Collection of problems facing everyday pharmacist. Mostly retail problems (I love my hospital job!)
  1. 💩 Lots of talk about bowel movements
    Mostly from the 65+ group and sometimes legit concerns (i.e. chronic constipation, blood in stool, hemorrhoids, etc.) But please no pictures or specimens- I believe you if you say it looks different!
  2. Retail pharmacies are open longer than the MD offices
    I've had way too many people remove clothing to show me a rash/mole/sore/etc. bc the couldn't get into their MD. Just please don't drop your pants 😳
  3. Patients in the drive thru will give you a grocery list
    No I'm bit your personal shopper, you need to come in yourself. My only exception was some ibuprofen for someone with recent foot surgery
  4. Illegible handwriting
    This is less and less a problem with electronic prescriptions and CPOE. But a big part of my job my first 2-3 yrs out was decipher this medication. I should never have to guess about another person's health!!!!! 😤
  5. Insurance drama
    Insurance companies have way too much power over dictating how physicians prescribe. And unfortunately the pharmacy is usually where you find out 💰Please don't shoot the messenger! Also another plug for GoodRX app! Use it if you have a lot of prescriptions! Mostly retail issue
  6. I'm the convenient scapegoat
    You ran out of refills, the insurance needs paperwork from your MD, or the medication is a lot more money than you expected. This usually happens after office hours are closed. Please don't scream at your pharmacist!
  7. 📈Prescription drug abuse is climbing
    Most states are making more stringent laws for narcotic prescriptions and the pharmacist somehow gets to be the person enforcing this. Another reason I'm thankful to be in hospital
  8. Robbery/drug diverting
    Addiction warps people's personalities. Since I've graduated in 2008 I've worked with 1 pharmacist, 2 MDs, and several nurses that were caught stealing and agreed to rehab. I've also worked at 2 retail pharmacies and my current hospital have attempted robberies for drugs. Luckily I wasn't present at the time.