Thanks @ChrisK for the suggestion!
  2. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
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  3. It's the first adult book I read
  4. I had been getting bored with middle grade books
  5. I had almost stopped reading completely
  6. And then the movie came out when I was in 5th grade
  7. And I loved it!
  8. I gave my parents a list of reasons why I was adult enough to read it
  9. My dad had to read it first to give it the okay
  10. This is huge bc my mom is the reader in our family but she sticks to romance. She didn't want to read it
  11. Michael Crichton became my dad's favorite author
    And I'm pretty sure still is. He was quite upset at the news of the author's death
  12. And it opened up so many doors for me at 10 years old
  13. With guidance from teachers, I started reading classics
    Jane Eyre, The Three Musketeers and I saw my first Shakespeare play.
  14. I was reminded how much I loved the different worlds I found on books
  15. It still sounds crazy even to me
  16. But Jurassic Park changed my reading life