This was originally going to be aimed at pharmacy students but I think most of these apply to nursing or med students. These are my tips on how to get the most out of your month
  1. Contact your preceptor a couple wks before your start date
    Some colleges will ask you to email even further in advance. You should ask what time you need to be there one orientation, parking, dress code, etc.
  2. Be punctual
    Probably a personal pet peeve but you are now a professional. You will be expected to act like one.
  3. Dress appropriately for the rotation
  4. Ask career questions
    This is your opportunity to get small group/one-on-one attention with someone doing the job you want! Ask about their career, how they got there, what they like about their job, etc. Ask for advice on resumes, CVs, and how to stand out against multiple candidates (hopefully in a positive way).
  5. Find someone for letter(s) of recommendation early
    And tell them as many details about your career goals so they can tailor the letter as much as possible.
  6. Know the difference between informal and disrespectful
    My department is sarcastic and informal. This does not mean that assignments are suggestions - we expect them completed in the time given you. We tend to go by first names including several of the medical doctors. This is not a sign of disrespect, in fact they're the people I respect the most and would want to take care of me.
  7. Ask to see things
    Take advantage of all your options! Ask to see a procedure or a surgery. Ask to go on rounds. Ask to go to a code or trauma of you hear things announced overhead. The worst thing someone can tell you is no but at least you tried!
  8. It's only 4-6 weeks
    No matter how bad you think it is - it's only temporary! And you can learn just as much from negative experiences as you can from positive role models it's just much more painful.