I worked third shift this weekend and now need to spend Sunday trying to flip back to a semi-normal sleeping schedule. Help is appreciated!
  1. Do not get too comfortable!
    Change out of pjs, don't get too warm, DO NOT LIE DOWN. Probably the most important and hardest advice
  2. Easy cleaning (laundry, vacuum, etc.)
    Something with little higher level thinking so if you mess up nothing is ruined!
  3. Reading plot driven book
    Mystery, suspense, romance, etc. Anything to keep your attention. I usually start reading it standing until I get hooked into plot
  4. Watch scary movie(s)
  5. Go outside
    Take a walk! Even if it's cold or ugly it will keep you awake
  6. Find a friend or family member to hang with you to help keep you awake
    I always fail at planning this ahead of time. Phone calls to loved ones are also helpful!
  7. Work out
    Need to find something that won't be too exhausting but something that give enough endorphins to wake you up. I struggle with this balance
  8. Catch up with social media
  9. Click bait in the Internet
    All else fails, the Internet is always there for all your random searches