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    Support a local business
    Yay for conscious consumerism
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    Eclectic patrons
    Where else will you see hipsters and burly bikers at the same communal table!?!
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    Nice atmosphere
    Usually brewers are laid back but passionate about their beers! Ask questions or for recommendations from the people who know best!
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    Flights or small pours
    So you can try many beers and not have the horrendous hangover the next morning
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    Growler fills
    Take home more of whichever brew strikes your fancy! And with no middle man - all the 💵 goes directly to business
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    First taste of test brews
    Who doesn't 💗being the first to have tried something
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    Pub food/food trucks
    So you can drink more beer!
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    If you have any interest in brewing ask about scheduling a tour! Most brewers are dying to gush with someone about their beer