I work a rotation of shift which makes taking set fitness classes near impossible. Also, doing yoga at a yoga studio gives me anxiety! This leads to a sporadic home practice! Please add
  1. DOYOUYOGA.com
    Where I started home yoga practice with 30 day challenge with Erin Motz. I'm planning on trying the 30 day meditation challenge soon
  2. Dirty yoga
    Most of the videos are less than 5 min and focus on a single pose. Great for beginners or just looking for stretch post workout
  3. Bad yogi
    Erin Motz personal channel - she's had great way of explaining poses and giving examples of advanced/beginners variations. She has another 30 day challenge, specific pose tutorials, and great playlists. She is also still actively uploading videos
  4. Yoga with Adrienne
    Another 30 day challenge and some foundation of yoga series. Also has several 30-60 min practices and she is still actively uploading
  5. Fightmaster yoga
    I just found this one so haven't done too many of the videos. Has a 90 day challenge and 246 videos uploaded so I'm working up to this one
  6. KinoYoga
    Suggested by @cmk6403