I'm feelin all the feels you guys.
  1. This is the ONLY social media community, ever, EVER, that I have found that makes me feel like I'm in a safe space to have opinions and feelings and powerful thoughts about topics like feminism, racism, homophobia, patriarchy, and ALL the other systemic oppressions this world has going on.
    The fact that it's a space that is actively maintained as safe and strong, where people are called out, and then LISTEN, and learn, and talk about it, and respond, and then CHANGE, is so valuable. I hope this never changes, but even if it does, I will value this time, and this moment for a long time. This is a thing I have only found after seeking out my people in niche spaces in person. I've found my people in person, but to find that around the world online? That's a beautiful and rare thing.
  2. The birthy community here! All these pro-choice, body-positive, strong, smart, amazing birth workers! From doulas to doctors to mamas! To find a place that is excited about birth work and birth stuff is something that I don't get much outside of my midwifery circles IRL.
    Granted, I have an extensive and awesome IRL birthy community. But I'm kinda used to not talking a lot about that facet of myself online, because it's a niche and somewhat polarizing topic. So many people joke about how "gross" birth is, so I guess I just subconsciously started censoring myself. It's so COOL to be requested to write lists about birth!!!! It gladdens my heart.
  3. That people will post long lists about their favorite showtunes, or furniture, or make me vaguely kinda maybe want to start caring about One Direction.
  4. People feeling free to post about their supercool niche interests and be hilarious in a sardonic tongue in cheek OR also totally balls-to-the-wall ALL CAPS excited way.
    I love how weird and wonderful and quirky all you people are. God, I just feel so fucking lucky to have found this space.
  5. I want to tag everyone I'm thinking of when writing this list, but it would be v v long. So, thank you, everyone, for making this my favorite place to come at the end of every day. You all just brighten every one of my days.
  6. /sappy rant over.
  7. Until next time.
  8. Yours,
  9. in perpetual nostalgia,
  10. Marita
  11. 💙💜💙