Granted, most of these just made me laugh. I'm thinking maybe I'll make this a regular thing to store links for stories I would want to share, and get to possibly read your weekly finds too!
  1. This isn't an article, but I love this with every fiber of my being, and think everyone should watch this. I literally can't pick a favorite part, and think I'll just watch it repeatedly until I'm quoting it in my daily life, and no one knows what I'm talking about.
  2. I kinda have this idea that mostly bros buy large tomes to inculcate visitors to their home with the idea that they are worldly, when really they never read them. And solely because of this I kinda believe this article. Am open to dissenting opinions.
  3. A welcome letter from one of the loveliest, smartest, most articulate people I've ever had the fortune to meet. Thank you for writing this and for always being a champion for human rights with such grace and diplomacy, Remzi.
  4. Full disclosure, I haven't listened to all of this yet. But it was recommended by my friend who has impeccable taste, and since my last list was birthy, let's go with it.
  5. Just for funsies.
  6. An(other) article on sexism in Hollywood, but from an interesting angle, brought to my attention by @michael_circa91
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