Aspirational meaning that I never, ever remotely expect anyone to get me these things. Unless my best friends or partner win the lottery. In that case, it's treat yoself day for Marita.
  1. Coromandel perfume from the Chanel Exclusif line
  2. Leatherology Checkbook clutch wallet in Cognac, monogrammed with my first and last name initials, in old font, in gold (or blind)
    This is @Grosstastic fault. The next one is her fault too.
  3. Alpaca survival socks
  4. Handmade pottery/mugs
  5. A pottery class subscription
  6. Marimekko dishes and mugs
  7. Marimekko birch tree shower curtain
    I've wanted this for yeeeears! Yet another thing I should probably just splurge on already.
  8. A mountain pillow like the one on Door Sixteen
    There's a local store that makes some like it, and I might just buy one myself anyways.
  9. Pia Wallen blanket in both black and grey
  10. The limited edition walnut and black Eames Hang-It-All
  11. Jonathan Adler ornaments/candle holder (especially that one with like 6 faces)/cute housewares
  12. Gift card for alllllll the lingerie
    Even better would be if anyone actually knew which bras were my favorite, and my size, and ordered the right ones, with some matching lace panties and garters.
  13. Indira sweater in Grey from Roots
  14. Byredo Ambre Japonais candle
    That one time I splurged HUGE on a candle (or, actually, got my ex-bf to for a gift) and now it will always be my favorite.
  15. Diptyque candle
    In the one that smells like smoky campfire (feu du bois), or patchouli, or roses, or amber, or fig.
  16. Aesop handcream
  17. On Writing by Stephan King
  18. A trip to one of Cheryl Strayed's writing retreat workshops
  19. Eberjay pretty/sexy/lacy nightgown
  20. A cozy bathrobe
    I literally never wear bathrobes. Maybe pajamas would be better? I don't know.
  21. Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed
  22. Just extravagant trips around the world
    Morocco, Istanbul, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Kenya, Brazil, Peru... San Fransisco, New York, New Orleans...
  23. The coffee mug that gets me free Starbucks coffee for the whole month of January
  24. Some sort of crazy all expenses paid trip to Portland, OR
  25. A Staub Dutch oven in green
  26. A king size mattress from Essentia
  27. A sweet apartment or house that is all mine to share with @lamentation_of_swans where we can have Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner. Celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and be really cheesy about Valentines Day. And come home to hugs at the end of every day.
    Fuck you, long distance relationships. Just over five months to go...