At 2 am. On NyQuil. Literally no results of actual me appeared. And there's a sweet photo of me at 12 that was published in the paper balancing about 5 bike helmets on my head, somewhere on the Internet. So y'all are missing out, is what I'm saying. Props to @paige for inspiring this list.
  1. I mean, she's got some pretty sweet hair.
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  2. I quite like this room. I'll take it.
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  3. Kittens in my name look v suspicious.
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  4. She's gonna eat choo. Watch out.
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  5. I've never won a sports medal, so this version of me is doing real well.
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  6. A Nora Ephron movie?! Yassssssss
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  7. I'm probably the one standing reaaaaaaally awkwardly off to the right to get shorter.
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    I'm quite tall.
  8. Offered without comment.
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  9. I don't know why that shelf gets just as much frame as the people, but okay then.
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  10. Young Gaby Hoffman in a sweet fuckin hat. Yesssss!!!
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    That can't be beat, I'm out.