Mileage may vary, according to interests, of course. I always love suggestions!
  1. The Longest Shortest Time
    My absolute favorite podcast. It's about parenthood, but it's real, honest, funny and engaging. I don't have kids, and while it's pertinent to me because I'm a midwifery student, I think I would love it no matter what.
  2. Dear Sugar Radio
    @CherylStrayed and Steve Almond's podcast. If you love Tiny Beautiful Things, you'll love this.
  3. This American Life
    No explanation necessary. I have, on more than one occasion thought to myself that Ira Glass is literally the perfect name, and considered taking his last name as my own.
  4. Invisibilia
    About the invisible forces that shape our world. Way more interesting than it sounds, and it sounds pretty interesting.
  5. Serial
    The podcast that got non-podcast lovers into podcasts, myself included. It still tortures me.
  6. 99% Invisible
    If you like design, you'll like this.
  7. Death, Sex & Money
    Great podcast. I also have found myself thinking what a perfect podcast title this is.
  8. Love + Radio
  9. Story Corps