So many of these are so fitting they're almost onomatopoeic. In approximate order of how much joy they bring me.
  1. A memory of elephants
  2. An exaltation of larks
  3. A wisdom of wombats
  4. A parliament of owls
  5. A lamentation of swans
  6. An unkindness of ravens
  7. A float of crocodiles
  8. A paddling/plump of ducks
  9. A charm of goldfinches
  10. A convocation of eagles
  11. A murmuration of starlings
  12. An escargatoire of snails
    Pinot noir, midsize car.
  13. A murder of crows
  14. A pandemonium of parrots
  15. A streak of tigers
  16. A bloat of hippopotamuses
  17. A charm of magpies
  18. A crash of rhinoceroses
  19. An ostentation of peacocks
  20. A descent of woodpeckers
  21. A dazzle of zebras
  22. A watch of nightingales
  23. A richness of martens
  24. A glaring of cats
  25. A cackle of hyenas
  26. A pitying of turtle doves
  27. A flutter of butterflies
  28. An intrusion of cockroaches
    Shudder. But so apt.
  29. A grumble of pugs
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    Suggested by @icupcake
  30. A blessing of unicorns
    Suggested by @champagneandtacos
  31. A fluffle of bunnies
    I saw this in a seemingly legit article on the Internet, but unconfirmed. Regardless, we should all start using it.
    Suggested by @hannazoeo