Thought of this list while putting on socks.
  1. Kirkland brand Toilet paper
    Having SO MUCH TOILET PAPER in the house makes me feel very secure.
  2. Kirkland brand Wool socks
    Legit my very favorite thing that cost-co sells.
  3. Mango salsa
  4. Food Should Taste Good Wholegrain cracker things
    They are hexagonal shaped, if that helps.
  5. Larabars
    Because they are the least gross energy bar I've found, and I'm a student midwife, I live on energy bars.
  6. Books
    Because I have a problem.
  7. Nature' food
    It's fish based in a blue bag, and the cheapest good quality food I could find that doesn't make my dog have skin issue.
  8. Jarlsberg cheese
    And Beemster cheese, and sharp cheddar, and ricotta, and goat cheese with cranberry, and little babybel cheeses.
  9. Lactose pills.
    Because I have a cheese problem.
  10. Cream!
    Because ☕️
  11. Coffee!
    Because 😍❤️😻
  12. Bulk deodorant and q-tips
    Because you can never not need these things.