Inspired by @nantea
  1. Fun! This makes me nervous because I was low key unpopular in school. Well, actually, never UNpopular, but defs never popular. Like an interesting nerd who liked to read and was actually pretty but didn't know? Anyways. The idea of a yearbook is nerve wracking, but also fun! I love you all. See you next year!
  2. Dear Marita, you are going to catch babies AND Chummy is your maybe Patronus . You are awesome 😷💌
    Suggested by @jannychan
  3. Happy new year! 🎉
    Suggested by @Veronique
  4. If you ever find yourself in Oakland, you'll always have a seat at my bar!
    I ALSO stalked all your lists and you have such a warm and kind point of view and I have no doubt we'd be wonderful friends. HAVE A KILLER 2016!!!
    Suggested by @ohheymary
  5. Marita, you are a star 🌟. One of those stars that you can see every night without even looking too hard and it's warm and steady and twinkly and means you're home.
    I think you're great and you're so sincere and sweet with your comments and every one I get from you makes me 😍. Happy 2016 lady! I wish you every happiness.
    Suggested by @nantea
  6. I didn't realize you were a student midwife and now I think I love you. Have an amazing 2016!!!
    I just spammed you with a whole bunch of list requests. Sorry. Ever since my home birth I think that midwives and doulas are angels on Earth. 😇
    Suggested by @Veronique